My Trip to Gallipoli Battle Field and Cwgc Graves


This summer (2014), I've been to war areas in Gallipoli.

As far as I read The Gallipoli Campaign was so harsh. Followings are my very first impressions just after my visit to the field and the trenches;

Death was imminent, trenches were so close. Soldiers were waiting to see their friends die. Now, tranquility is the prevailing thing along with smell of the past. Once you crawl in the trenches, you close your eyes to find yourself in the times of hellfire. Only then you feel death, terror of the soldiers, tears, smell of blood just shed, sounds, screams coming out of the past. - Burak

I know how this Campaign contributed to the formation of the National ID of ANZAC people. Hope this post gives itch to travel here for someone who reads.

Images in my photo gallery were shot during my trip to the peninsula in summer of 2014, so these are the actual conditions before 100th year, 2015

By the way, in Redoubt Cemetery, I met with an English guy, Tim. We had nice conversation with him. He was there to visit his relative 2nd Lieutenant W.H. MILL. It is so sad that this gentleman passed away when he was 19. This is not a good age to die, instead he should be enjoying life. He was driven to the battle field in vein, and died due to incapable commanders, politicians who underestimated Turks and failed to evaluate the situation. It is nice to see that time helps to overcome hostility amongst humans.

By the way, I was quite amazed to see how the graves are maintained/taken care of by CWGC.

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